Trying to run rake db:migrate but not seeing anything in your schema update? Well, here’s a quick check list to help you out. Number 1 make sure that your migration file is located inside the a migrate folder. It may seem like a step that is usually unchecked but yes it if your file is only inside the db folder, not the db/migrate folder, running rake db:migrate will not update your schema.

Another process that may help is

rake db:reset

this will drop the database, recreate it and load the current schema into it.

This is not the same as running all the migrations. It will only use the contents of the current schema.rb file. If a migration can’t be rolled back, ‘rake db:reset’ may not help you. To find out more about dumping the schema see ‘schema dumping and you.’

So rake db:reset => db:drop db:create db:schema:load db:seed

To run all the migrations, use : rake db:drop db:create db:migrate

Well hope this helps next time your stuck with migrations or a schema !